Total Exception Management (Past Event)

Event Date: April 23, 2015
Time: 2:00 pm EDT / 1:00 pm CDT

Do you know how to identify and respond to planning issues before they become serious problems? Managing your products by exception can help. Though the concept of exception management has been around for years, few planning processes use it to its full potential. Exceptions can work at any stage of your planning process and give you visibility into issues you never knew about.

In this free webinar, the John Galt team will show you how to build the right exceptions for your business. You will learn the principles of sound exception management and understand how exceptions can fit into every phase of your planning process. You will also see how John Galt sales and operations planning software can implement these exceptions to build powerful planning dashboards. With these exceptions in place, your process will gain tremendous flexibility and speed, while boosting accuracy at the same time.

  • How exceptions are categorized
  • Where exceptions fit into the entire planning process
  • Responding to demand issues with exceptions
  • Responding to supply issues with exceptions
  • Building dashboards and graphical views for exceptions

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