Stronger Plans and Faster Reaction with Event Management (Past Event)

Event Date: Tuesday, October 2, 2014   |  2:00 PM EDT

Do you struggle with promotion planning? How about outliers like weather events and supply issues? Do your customers just decide to make large orders sometimes? Managing these events and promotions is one of the best ways for demand planners to add value to their statistical forecast. With event modeling, you can improve forecast accuracy on problematic items and react quickly to change. You also gain critical insight into the impact of your events and the financial return that they give you. In the Atlas Planning Suite, our Event Manager makes it easier than ever to take charge with these powerful techniques.

Join us to learn:

  • How to remove outliers and unusual history with event modeling
  • How to react to changes and crises with stored events
  • How to measure the impact of events and crises with lift calculation
  • How to understand the profitability of your promotions
  • How to model complex lift phenomena

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