How to Leverage Hierarchies to Impact Your Bottom Line (Past Event)

At the end of the day, your demand or supply plan is only as good as its implementation. If your plan is not used to build and drive strategic goals, your operational forecasts will never reach your full potential. Many companies struggle to translate tactical forecasts into longer-term plans and organizational goals, and conversely, how to leverage financial goals in day to day planning. In this free webinar, the Forecast Xperts at John Galt will demonstrate how you can use the hierarchy and exception management features in Atlas Planning to get past these hurdles and deliver forecast information for strategic planning.

We will show you how you can translate your forecasts and tackle some of your most important strategic goals:

  • Reconcile inventory position with inventory budget (open to buy)
  • View total warehouse inventory position in units, dollars, pallets, and cube
  • View total purchasing needs by vendor, lane, or broker
  • Optimize unit and time-based safety stock targets
  • Align sales plans with forecasts
  • Segment products by activity level

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