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Forecast Xpert Training and Education

John Galt’s Forecast Xpert Training is a perfect first destination for companies and individuals who are beginning to build and profit from a consumer-driven supply chain. Our training offers not just the theories behind successful forecasting processes, but also the specific tools and techniques to execute those processes.

Learn The Basics

When you attend Forecast Xpert Training, you receive two days of instruction and personal attention from the Forecast Xperts at John Galt. During the first day of training, attendees learn the theories and methods behind business forecasting. Professor Barry Keating of the University of Notre Dame provides the foundational knowledge that beginning forecasters need to build their forecasting process. Day One also leads attendees through the ForecastX Wizard’s basic features, giving them the tools that they’ll need to carry out daily business.

Apply New Knowledge

Day Two puts the trainees’ knowledge to the test. Using the ForecastX Wizard and their own data sets, attendees learn how to build a forecasting process at their own companies. Having defined their processes, trainees carry out their first forecasts using their own data and the ForecastX Wizard.

Forecast Xpert Training leaves its attendees with an academic understanding of forecasting and the practical knowledge to carry out their function. This combination makes our training classes the best value you’ll find anywhere.

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