First Time Forecaster

Welcome to the exciting world of forecasting! Since 1996, John Galt has helped thousands of new forecasters master the statistical techniques and best practices used in supply chain planning.

What makes John Galt Solutions so easy and successful is that our tools require no previous forecasting knowledge – your company is one click away from all you need to produce the world’s most accurate business forecasts.

  • The ForecastX Wizard for Excel is an easy-to-use tool that produces a fast and accurate demand forecast. With the Wizard, you’ll begin to profit immediately from the world’s most accurate forecasting engine.
  • The Wizard comes in two sizes:
    • Standard Edition, with its full range of forecasting methods, statistics, and reports
    • Premium Edition, which adds powerful inventory management & hierarchy features.
  • If you’re interested in further education to help bring you up to speed, Forecast Xpert Training is a two-day course that will give you everything you need to know in order to forecast like a pro.
    • With our training, you’ll be a Forecast Xpert in 2 days. You’ll be able to bring up any dataset, produce a forecast, share that forecast with fellow planners, and present the results to management.
    • We offer this training quarterly at our headquarters in Chicago. We can also schedule an on-site session with your company at your convenience.

We also offer a valuable referencesto keep your knowledge fresh.

As the Forecast Xperts, we pride ourselves on the resources our website offers.

To speak with the Forecast Xperts about how we can help you learn to forecast, email us or call 312-701-9026.