Chef America Sees Record-Breaking Sales Volumes With John Galt Solutions

  • Microsoft Excel, SQL Server
  • Food Services

Chef America Inc. is a premier provider of retail and food service products. The company produces the popular HOT POCKETS brand stuffed sandwiches among a variety of other brands, and continually adds high-quality, value priced, innovative products to meet consumer demand.

Chef America utilizes John Galt Solutions’ ForecastX software within its logistics department, which collects and manages input from both the sales and marketing departments. Chef America uses John Galt technology to provide sales forecasting data for upcoming periods, and generate reports to show accuracy in predicting the data, including the hard data reports and graphs rolled-out using any business intelligence tool by the John Galt Demand Management Engine.

The Demand Management Engine’s charts and graphs make explanations to various groups within the company easier to understand, and can communicate powerful mathematical algorithms in plain language.

To best utilize available resources within Chef America’s logistics department, the company considered the tool’s learning curve and usability, and, according to a spokesman, concluded: “The John Galt solution is very user friendly with a moderate learning curve. The software itself is easy to use and provides strong forecasts, and its scalability accommodates users who learn more about the forecasting process as they go along. Subsequent forecasts can be more comprehensively user-defined for increased accuracy and operational efficiency.”

“The ForecastX Wizard and Demand Management Engine from John Galt are the demand management and sales forecasting tools that meet our exact needs,” added the department spokesman.

“We apply historical promotional event data to the evaluation of future sales events on a by-item or by-brand basis,” explained the department spokesman, whose John Galt implementation has facilitated record-breaking sales volumes. “Forecasting weekly prepares us to meet promotional spikes. Our forecasting process has prevented the loss of sales of roughly $165,000 — in only a three-week period.”