DuPont Personal Protection Products Ramps Up On-Time Delivery Rates with Atlas Planning Suite

  • Microsoft Excel, SAP and Microsoft Great Plains ERP systems
  • Manufacturing

Headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, DuPont PPE products are manufactured in ten global production facilities, located primarily in the United States, Mexico, South America and China. Given its highly-complex global sourcing, manufacturing and distribution supply chain, DuPont PPE sought to replace its disparate, non-integrated local and regional forecasting systems with a consolidated forecasting tool and demand planning system that the business unit could use to formulate a detailed production plan for the approximately 3,000 products it manufactures.

After evaluating several forecasting technology offerings, DuPont PPE chose to implement John Galt Solutions’ Atlas Planning Suite™.

According to J. Kyle Addison, global supply chain manager for DuPont PPE’s apparel operations, John Galt’s forecasting tool is not only an excellent technology solution, but is also well-suited for DuPont PPE’s supply chain business model.

“Although the technology driving the application is quite sophisticated, we found the Atlas Planning Suite’s Demand Management Engine to be straightforward, easy-to-use and cost-effective,” said Addison. “It allows us to consider multiple factors, such as work-in-process, inventory levels, plant capacities and production plans, in such a way that we can now optimize production scheduling to meet customer demand.”

DuPont PPE integrated the John Galt Demand Management Engine at key points in ERP systems to help planners improve production planning and scheduling through more accurate forecasting.

Addison reported the following results that reflect these improvements:

  • On-time customer delivery rates have improved from about 85 percent to 93 percent.
  • The accuracy and efficiency of forecasting and demand management by product lines have improved significantly, which has enabled DuPont to optimize production planning and scheduling.

DuPont PPE has begun rolling out the John Galt Atlas Planning Suite’s Demand Management Engine incrementally at its ten facilities across the globe.