Are Your Spreadsheets Too Tight?

Although spreadsheets are great forecasting tools, they can also become impediments as the complexity of your demand planning process grows. Has your organization reached that tipping point?

Join us on Tuesday, September 21 at 2:00 eastern to learn about changes that can push your spreadsheets beyond reliability such as:

  • Adding more demand planners
  • Planning for an ever increasing number of SKUs
  • Expanding involvement of additional departments in the planning process
  • Extending the planning process beyond forecasting to include inventory optimization and manufacturing

ForecastX Wizard customers turn to John Galt Solutions to automate the complete supply chain planning process as the complexity of their demand planning grows using the Atlas Planning Suite.

Register now for this free webinar and learn how you can increase forecast accuracy, optimize inventory levels, streamline S&OP and maximize supply chain performance.



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Upcoming Webinar: Are Your Spreadsheets Too Tight?
Tuesday, September 21
2:00 eastern
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November 11-12, 2010
Forecast Xpert Training
Chicago, IL.
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