Mastering S&OP: What’s Required to Win the Battle?

Need help taking your S&OP process to the next level?  Join Noha Tohamy of AMR Research as she explains how to advance from disjointed spreadsheets to a well-orchestrated, cross-functional process that drives immediate improvements to the bottom line.  Noha will share recent research on S&OP trends and the tools that enable this transformation, during a free webinar on May 25.

You’ll discover how to quickly achieve exception management, increased visibility, tighter integration with daily operations, as well as collaboration with customers and suppliers. Manufacturers use John Galt’s S&OP solutions to implement a closed-loop planning process that is fully integrated with their ERP system

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Simplifying Forecasting

In today’s economy, forecasting is more complicated than ever before. With our Forecastability Analysis we’re training demand planners to segment their products and determine the best forecasting methodology for each SKU.  After conducting a detailed, multi-level analysis of your data, our team recommends a forecasting approach for each item based on its value and forecastability.

Products that respond well to statistical forecasts are handled automatically by the forecasting system, and low value items that do not forecast well are dealt with from a min-max inventory perspective. This approach allows demand planners to focus on high value items with poor forecastability.

Our Forecastability Analysis is a quick and easy way to increase forecast accuracy, optimize inventory levels and maximize supply chain performance.  And that’s good news we can all use.

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