Chief Supply Chain Officers to Focus on Improved Forecasting in 2011

Aberdeen Group has published a new study that outlines the Chief Supply Chain Officer’s prioritized list of best practices within supply chain planning.

The report, Strategic Supply Chain Planning: Three Key Priorities of the Chief Supply Chain Officer, found that:

  • 86% of respondents indicate that their management team has asked them to find opportunities to improve their company’s supply chain planning processes
  • 71% of respondents have indicated the same for supply chain technology improvement.

“Today, senior management is looking for the supply chain organization to deliver more than just efficiency – it is being asked to deliver innovative cost reduction strategies to help grow their company and present a market strategy differentiator,” explained Nari Viswanathan, Vice President and Principal Analyst of Supply Chain Management at Aberdeen. “That’s why organizations are increasingly using supply chain planning solutions, like those from John Galt, to plan more efficiently and collect input from more stakeholders across the organization.”

To learn more, download this free report now.

Have You OUTGROWN Your Spreadsheets?

Spreadsheets are great forecasting tools, BUT they can become impediments as the complexity of your demand planning process grows. ForecastX Wizard customers often ask our forecasting experts to help identify the benefits of moving up to the Atlas Planning Suite. That’s why we’re offering an educational webinar on Thursday, November 18 at 2:00 eastern.

During the webinar you’ll learn about key Atlas Planning Suite advantages such as:

  • Automated import of forecasting data and export of results
  • Multi-dimensional data views
  • Conversion of unlimited factors including cost, cases and pallets
  • Ability to automate the complete supply chain planning process
  • Automated exception management and accuracy tracking

Has your organization outgrown Its forecasting spreadsheets? Learn more about the benefits of kicking it up a notch with the Atlas Planning Suite.Register now for the November 18 webinar.


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