Why Work at John Galt

You will spend 40 to 50 percent of your waking hours at work. Shouldn’t you love it? And shouldn’t you feel fulfilled? We want to make John Galt a place our employees love to come to work and feel like they have accomplished something every day.

Your Voice Matters

Every single person at John Galt has a say. We realize that different viewpoints contribute to a rich and refined result in whatever it is we do. We encourage and value everyone’s input, and we aren’t just saying that. We make decisions and changes based on employee feedback. When you work at John Galt, your efforts will not be lost and incorporated into a meaningless “feedback loop.” You will see the impact you have on company results, and hopefully go home every day feeling like you made a difference.

Diversity of Work

No day is the same at John Galt, really. We are continually evolving and improving as a company and as individuals. You will grow not only deeply in your area of expertise, but broadly across other disciplines.

As a collaborative, team environment, we all chip in on a variety of projects that make work-life interesting. For our consultants and implementation specialists, the architecture of our software allows you to experience a wide variety of customer environments during a short period of time. Since everyone’s primary directive is to help create customer success stories, our experiences are as varied as the thousands of customers we have.