What to Expect

Unique Environment

At John Galt you will find a work place that values your input. It sounds cliché, but great employees makes John Galt a great place to work. We have an open office environment to encourage a lot of collaboration and knowledge sharing. It is a personable place where everyone in the company is approachable and everyone knows everyone. Here is what else you will find:

A Fast Pace

New team members discover the environment at John Galt is fast-paced and continually evolving. When one project or task ends, the next one is lined up ready to go. There is no chance to get bored here, and strong organization and time management skills will get you far.

Mutual Respect

We all respect each other’s ability, knowledge and time. The time and effort you put forth to make the company successful is greatly appreciated and you will be rewarded for it. We also respect each other’s efforts and realize any individual’s success relates to our own.

The time you spend away from John Galt pursuing personal interests is equally respected as well. Do not expect midnight or weekend calls, but do expect encouragement toward your personal growth.

Honest Interaction

We believe truthful feedback refines the company’s efforts toward the best possible outcome. Team members are expected to participate in a respectful exchange of ideas and healthy criticism. Everyone’s opinion matters. You do have a voice at John Galt.

Growth Potential

We value the knowledge and skills our employees have above anything else. Therefore, you will find that we are generous with training and learning opportunities. We want to ensure our employees are the best in the industry, and we make concerted efforts to achieve that. Whether they are individualized skills training classes or company-wide knowledge and team building events, we foster a life-long learning atmosphere.

Generous Benefits

We believe that your great work should be rewarded. Direct compensation is important, but sometimes equally important is indirect compensation. John Galt offers a complete array of supplemental benefits. Individual employee health benefits are complimentary, and family benefit plans are comprehensive and price competitive. Additionally, employees have access to a sophisticated 401k retirement plan.