eS&OP is Making Rough Cut Planning Simpler & Better

In this increasingly complex and uncertain world, making the tools we use simple yet effective is an imperative. Part of accomplishing this is to be able to calculate what-if or simulation scenarios in a simple and effective way. Fortunately, that’s just what’s happening with eS&OP, when done properly. Keep in mind that making things SIMPLE […]

2015 in Review: Businesses Prepare for Growth in the Next Few Years

At John Galt Solutions, we noticed a major trend in 2015 with our customers:  a marked increase in confidence that their businesses will grow healthily over the next 1-3 years. This expectation subsequently beget other major strategic and tactical initiatives for our customers. To prepare for growth they needed to refine their processes and ensure […]

Using Forecast-ability Analysis to Help Put Forecasting Performance in Perspective

How to be Careful with Using Forecast Accuracy as a Job Performance Metric In Demand and Supply Planning, many KPIs hinge upon the idea of accuracy – particularly forecast accuracy. You may spend a lot of time trying to determine the degree of accuracy of your forecast, using various statistical measurements such as MAPE, WMAPE, […]

SlideShare: Reasons Your S&OP Process is Beyond Spreadsheets

Previously I published our Infographic: Top 9 Symptoms Your S&OP has Outgrown Spreadsheets. We took this content and put it into a SlideShare presentation for a different way to digest the information. The message is the same in both pieces of content. The fact is that 92 % of all companies still use spreadsheets as […]

Infographic: Top 9 Symptoms Your S&OP has Outgrown Spreadsheets

Check out this infographic that gives you the top 9 symptoms your S&OP or demand planning process has moved beyond what spreadsheets can handle. You can also check out a recent blog on the topic as well. What challenges do you face using spreadsheets? Share your thoughts below. Should you look at a centralized S&OP […]

Organic Valley Discusses Improvements in Demand Planning

Organic Valley was originally a ForecastX customer, utilizing the Excel-based tool for sales forecasting and planning. However, running the S&OP process with spreadsheets proved problematic for them, and they eventually graduated to the Atlas Planning Suite. Since implementation, Organic Valley has experienced remarkable improvements in their process, touting a 234% ROI on the project. In […]

Demand Planning in Excel? When to Move to a Central System.

According to a recent report from Supply Chain Insights, 92% of companies still use spreadsheets as an integral part of their S&OP toolset. About 29% rely solely on Excel and email to do their demand planning. With the complexity of today’s supply chain, why do companies still use spreadsheets more than anything else? One answer […]

Integrated Business Plans: Tastykake’s Journey

Flying home from the West Coast recently, I realized how we take for granted a smooth flight. We sometimes forget how many people are responsible on the ground while we are in the air. We take for granted the power of synchronization in the world. We certainly recognize it in music. We don’t even notice […]

S&OP Solution Testimonial Video from Milwaukee Tool

Milwaukee Tool is a long-standing, John Galt S&OP Solution customer. They have been extremely successful in improving their supply chain planning utilizing our Atlas Planning Suite. Check out what Brad Sayers from Milwaukee Tool has to say in this video. As with all our customers, Brad points out that John Galt is a “partner” with […]

What About a Telescoping Planning Horizon?

This column discusses various aspects of the Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) planning horizon in terms of the length of time and the foci of decision making within it. A Telescoping Planning Horizon approach is introduced that extends the planning horizon based on all supply-demand lead times, as well as focuses on various decision-making and […]