Atlas Planning Suite

Complete supply chain planning solution

Atlas Planning Suite Modules


Atlas Planning Suite Modules

Comprehensive Demand and Supply Planning Solution to Optimize your entire Supply Chain

More than ever before, companies must be able to sense and respond to the dynamics of a consumer-driven supply chain. The Atlas Planning Suite provides a comprehensive supply chain planning solution that helps you increase forecast accuracy, optimize inventory levels and maximize supply chain performance. These results are achieved with unsurpassed speed since each one of our modules is designed to be implemented in 4 weeks or less without a large-scale consulting effort.


power_settings_new Demand Management

Demand Management

Improve Profitability and Outpace the Competition

An accurate forecast is the foundation of a successful supply chain planning solution. With John Galt’s Demand Management solution, planners have a robust, yet easy to use tool for dramatically improving forecast accuracy. And that means increased sales, better inventory management and more efficient supply chain performance.

  • Manage different data streams such as EDI and Point-of-Sale data, plans from customers, suppliers and other internal departments
  • View and adjust your synchronized forecasts in daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual time buckets, seamlessly switching from one forecast to another
  • Allocate changes using top-down, bottom-up, and middle-out methodologies
  • Highlight exceptions, allowing staff to focus on critical issues
  • Create sales forecasts with an intuitive easy to use graphic interface that captures events and promotions and customer intent
  • Report with the ability to roll up or drill down to any layer of your business
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Demand Management
Inventory Management

sort_by_alpha Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Meet Demand While Lowering Inventory Investments

Inventory Management helps balance supply with demand in consumer-driven supply chains. Inventory is one of the largest capital investments every business makes. That’s why savvy supply chain professionals use our Inventory Management module to more effectively plan their inventory while meeting customer demand, and ultimately optimizing their inventory investment.

  • Automatically calculate inventory replenishment and manufacturing orders based on lead time, customer service level and inventory optimization parameters.
  • Provide automatic or user approved purchase or manufacturing order release based on revenue, cost and margin.
  • Plan inventory replenishment on a monthly, weekly or daily basis using synchronized time buckets.
  • Manage multi-level distribution and inventory replenishment plans by creating dynamic hierarchies.
  • Optimize safety stocks, service levels, reorder points, periods of coverage and lead times to ensure peak inventory management performance.
  • Automatically calculate economic order quantities, lead times and inventory levels using the intelligent planning advisor and user-defined business rules.
  • Slice and dice information using sophisticated analytic reports to provide a complete inventory management picture.
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web Collaborative Planning

Collaborative Planning

Making Collaborative Planning Easy

Sensing and responding to today’s dynamic consumer-driven supply chains requires a team effort. Supply chain performance improves dramatically when demand planners have the ability to easily collaborate with sales, finance, marketing and operations, as well as suppliers and customers, to create a more accurate forecast. The Planning Portal provides a simple online framework for sharing business planning information and feedback.

  • Capture real-time sales forecasting and operations planning data through web-based collaboration.
  • Instantly input data into Demand Management Engine.
  • Display vital supply chain information visually using graphs and charts.
  • Empower sales to share plan with customers to gather accurate requirements.
  • Remote team interacts directly with forecast and inventory management.
  • Build a “one number” collaborative planning, forecasting, and replenishment (CPFR) process with suppliers, customers, and business stakeholders.
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Planning Portal
Capacity Planning

widgets Capacity Planning

Capacity Planning

Plan Proactively for Production

To meet production requirements, manufacturers must balance the limitations of their equipment against the needs of customer demand. Equipment, time constraints, and personnel limitations combine to limit the maximum capacity of any production environment. In order to put together an effective production schedule, manufacturers must consider equipment changeovers and capacity constraints to balance demand and optimize production.

  • Experiment with capacity scenarios through powerful what-if analysis
  • Visualize your resources through an Intuitive graphical interface
  • Transfer resources and understand the effects immediately
  • Perform quick ad-hoc analysis with deep analytical reports
  • Instantly identify bottlenecks with exception management reports
  • Translate your capacity into any unit of measure with conversion factors
  • Integrate the production schedule into the overall demand and supply plan
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flip Supply Chain Analytics

Supply Chain Analytics

Segment Your Products and Drive Strategic Business Decisions

Supply Chain Analytics helps you build a process that is tailored to your business and the factors that contribute to demand volatility in your industry. With Supply Chain Analytics, you can regularly analyze your business in detail, delivering a road map to overcome your business challenges. The result is the best possible supply chain performance and bottom line improvement.

  • Segment your products and drive strategic decisions on forecasting, production, purchasing and inventory policies.
  • Analyze trend and historical patterns to define product characteristics: New Product, Seasonal, Event/Promotional, Sporadic.
  • Evaluate forecastability of different data streams: POS, Historical, Shipment, Invoice.
  • View analysis with a graphical dashboard with key metrics to focus on action.
  • Simulate different statistical forecast methodologies at different levels of the business and product family.
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Supply Chain Analytics
Advanced Scheduling

history Advanced Scheduling

Advanced Scheduling

Visualize assembly process from raw materials through to finished goods

Advanced Scheduling provides finite scheduling that lets you react quickly and intelligently to changes in demand. The tool will take your demand plan through production capacity and into the actual machines and resources needed to produce your product. Trying to do this with spreadsheets can be nearly impossible depending on the variability and breadth of resources to manage. Advanced Scheduling handles this process automatically.

  • Visualize assembly process from raw materials through to finished goods
  • Unlimited number of resources, products and operations
  • Account for different operation run speeds on different resources
  • Schedule optimization rules to deal with problems such as minimizing changeover times, preferred sequencing and campaigning
  • Graphical view of the material dependencies and plots of stock levels over time
  • Concurrent rule usage, and advanced inter-operation constraints
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