Creating a Productive Culture

John Galt was founded in 1996. It has been profitable since day one and has grown consistently over the years. We are privately held and serve thousands of customers all across the globe. Therefore, it is a stable company but still retains some of its start-up feel. The people at John Galt solve the toughest problems in supply chain planning through world-class software and services. Over the years we have uncovered three core behaviors that lead to success for employees and make John Galt a great place to work:

Be a Producer

Every single person’s efforts matter at John Galt. We have no room for idle coasters. Each individual has a role in creating customer successes and to consistently drive better and better results.

Be Knowledgeable

Everyone is expected to learn and understand our solutions and be experts in his or her domain. We aren’t expected to know everything, but we commit ourselves to learning and asking for help when we need it.

Be a Team Player

We are traders in knowledge and time. No one is ever too busy to help out a fellow team member. We all understand that our individual successes are interrelated and require us to work and grow together.


We all respect each other and are committed to John Galt and the beliefs of the company. What you will find here are individuals that are dedicated to what they do and results focused. Every member plays an important role in the continued success of John Galt, and therefore members strive to create a successful, profitable work environment by understanding their role in the company.