ForecastX Transfer Request Confirmation

Thank you for requesting a transfer of your ForecastX License. We are currently reviewing your request and will notify you when it is approved.

Once you receive approval, please install ForecastX on the new computer and start the installation process. You will reach a screen that will provide a Registration Code. Copy and paste the registration number in an email and send it to and Please put ForecastX Transfer License Key in the subject line. Please include the end user’s Name, Title, Email and Phone Number.

Thank you for continuing to use ForecastX. We greatly appreciate your continued support.


Are you ready to begin using ForecastX? Check out these ForecastX training options that will help you hit the ground running and ensure optimal use of your software.

Improving Your Process

Is your forecasting and S&OP ready to move beyond spreadsheets? Check out this infographic on the Top 9 Symptoms Your S&OP has Outgrown Spreadsheets. Then be sure to view this on-demand webinar to learn even more on when and why it may make sense to move to a centralized planning system.

System Evolution

When you are ready to move into a centralized planning system, we can help you migrate into the Atlas Planning Suite. Atlas is built in a modular fashion so that it grows as your needs grow. Start with forecasting and collaboration and mature into inventory and rough cut capacity planning. Request a demonstration of Atlas today!