John Galt Leadership

John Galt Solutions is led by a close-knit team of experts in the supply chain industry. Our managers are dedicated to our clients’ success and proving time and again that our solutions move the supply chain industry forward. Our team has a commitment to continually developing the best supply chain software solutions for our customers. It is a commitment that originates with our renowned founder and leader, Annemarie Omrod.

Annemarie Omrod

President & CEO

As the founder of John Galt Solutions, Annemarie currently serves as its President and CEO. She ensures the daily operations and strategic vision of the company closely align with our customers’ needs. She has helped customers such as Hasbro, Fidelity Investments, and DuPont build their forecasting and demand planning processes. Annemarie was one of the chief designers of John Galt’s award-winning ForecastX Wizard software.

Annemarie is a frequent expert speaker at APICS, the Institute of Business Forecasting, DC Expo and others. She was recently published in the Harvard Business Review and has written for Start Magazine.

Annemarie earned her BS and Masters from Drexel University, and is also a Certified Professional Forecaster.