John Galt University 2016 Customer Conference

Exclusive Event for Atlas Planning Suite and ForecastX Wizard Customers

When: August 17-19, 2016

Where: Chicago, IL @ The Historic Palmer House Hotel

For Who: All ForecastX and Atlas Customers (executives, managers & users)


John Galt University will take session in August of this year! We will hold the conference on days 1 and 2 (August 17th & 18th). On day 3 (August 19th) we will offer an optional day of training for both Atlas and ForecastX users.

You will take your forecasting, demand  and supply planning, and your entire S&OP process to the next level with advanced training and executive coaching during this year’s event. This conference offers great content for executives, managers and users alike, imparting real, practical knowledge that customers can take back and immediately utilize to improve processes and the bottom line.

Save the dates and check back soon for more details!
Want to sign up your whole team? Ask for a group discount!

Check out the John Galt University 2015 User Conference

The Forecast Xperts conducted two days of coaching, training, tips & tricks, and personalized instruction. Dr. Barry Keating gave the world’s best statistical forecasting training, so users could gain a deeper understanding of the forecasting methods used in John Galt’s software. Additionally, Bob Stahl delivered some exclusive S&OP education. We also had Dr. Larry Lapide (MIT) deliver a keynote speech. Customers also had the chance to meet with other users to discuss best practices and vote for the features in upcoming versions of John Galt software.