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The ForecastX Wizard add-in for Excel is by far the most advanced forecasting software at its price point. We made the tool simple to get started for forecasting novices, but with a robust set of features for advanced users to create sophisticated business forecasts in Excel. Watch our video and learn how to drastically improve your forecast today!

What makes ForecastX so great?

This software has become the cornerstone of thousands of successful demand planning processes in a wide range of industries. ForecastX combines a powerful statistical forecasting engine with Microsoft Excel to give your team an effective blend of forecast accuracy, ease of use, and flexibility.

This solution opens up a wide range of possibilities for many different companies, and the benefits include:

  • World’s most accurate forecasts in a single click
  •  Excel plug-in makes forecasting easy and intuitive
  • Training course included to guarantee full value

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How we have helped other customers

Don’t take our word for it – let our customers tell you how we helped improve their forecast. John Galt Solutions has been employed in a wide variety of industries, and the Wizard has made the forecasting process simple and effective for many different companies, including:

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