CHICAGO, IL (February 14, 2014) – John Galt Solutions, a leading provider of sales forecasting and demand planning software and services, hosted the sixth annual ForecastX Wizard Online User Conference on February 13.

The webinar, conducted in an interactive style, offered John Galt customers new demand planning techniques to conduct using the ForecastX Wizard software. A strong emphasis was placed on forecastability analysis, a process which maximizes the efficiency of the demand planning process and delivers crucial insights into key business drivers.

John Galt also addressed frequently asked questions, promotional planning, causal modeling, and advanced accuracy reporting using the ForecastX Wizard. Attendees were also able to participate live, interacting with the presenters and one another to suggest future enhancements to the tool and ask questions of the presenters.

“At John Galt, we place a strong emphasis on partnering with our customers,” says Anne Omrod, president & CEO of John Galt Solutions. “These annual conferences are crucial both for John Galt and our customers, because they provide important feedback on the direction of future development. These conferences also deliver a great deal of value to the attendees, who have a unique opportunity to meet with other users and share valuable techniques.”

About John Galt Solutions

John Galt Solutions helps mid-market companies build effective demand and supply plans. If you or your team are just getting started with a planning process, John Galt offers tools and training to jumpstart your forecasting process. Once your forecasting process is defined, John Galt offers the solutions and education to build this forecast into a full demand and supply plan. Visit to learn how to start with planning today.

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