CHICAGO, IL – Dr. Larry Lapide, of MIT’s Demand Management Council and a member of the board of advisors of John Galt Solutions, will moderate a panel of demand planning andinventory management industry leaders at the APICS Global Conference in Orlando. John Galt Solutions customers will contribute their expertise, including Brad Sayers, Senior Manager of Demand & Inventory Planning at Milwaukee Electric Tool, and Nara Behara, Global Demand Planning Manager at Method.

The panel is entitled “Using Downstream Data to Power Demand Management” and will be held from 1:00 PM to 2:15 PM on Monday, September 30.

The panel discussion will revolve around the types of downstream data that companies can use in their demand planning process to react more quickly to shifts in customer demand, and techniques that can be used to harness this data to boost sales revenues and improve inventory management. Attendees will learn how John Galt’s customers have used these advanced techniques to achieve greater levels of supply chain success.

About Dr. Larry Lapide, Ph.D.

Dr. Larry Lapide is currently Research Affiliate at the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics, as well as a Lecturer at the University of Massachusetts: Boston. Dr. Lapide has over 30 years of experience in industry, consulting, business research, and academia. Recently he was the Director of Demand Management at the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics (CTL). He also managed the launch of MIT’s Supply Chain 2020 Project and is responsible for CTL’s Strategy Alignment Workshop. He concurrently served as the Research Director for the Demand Management Solutions Group, a consortium of companies that sponsored a multi-year research project focused developing advanced strategies, principles, and methods to optimally match supply and demand. Dr. Lapide is the recipient of the inaugural Lifetime Achievement in Business Forecasting & Planning Award.

About John Galt Solutions

John Galt Solutions helps mid-market companies build effective demand and supply plans. If you or your team are just getting started with a planning process, John Galt offers tools and training to jumpstart your forecasting process. Once your forecasting process is defined, John Galt offers the solutions and education to build this forecast into a full demand and supply plan. Visit to learn how to start with planning today.

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